Product Overview

The 3D Systems ProJet 6000MP is the perfect technology for the growing field of digital dentistry and computer-aided medical applications. Using SLA 3D printing technology, the industry’s first and most advanced additive manufacturing, the ProJet 6000 MP offers dental and medical professionals the opportunity to mass manufacture medical devices such as custom hearing aid shells as end-use parts, or dental scans for waxup work.

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  • 3d systems projet 6000mp 3d printing technology Inition London

What the Manufacturer Says:

The ProJet 6000 stereolithography technology delivers very fine feature detail, with high accuracy and repeatability, to enable exceptional study models. With materials that are certified for USP Class VI, medical professionals can be confident that 3D prints from the ProJet 6000 are perfect in fit, form and function.

What Inition Says:

The next generation of medical 3D printing comes via the ProJet 6000 MP machine. With the ability to produce advanced medical and dental treatments with end use medical products custom-fit to patients’ own features. Parts can be produced rapidly without compromising levels of accuracy. Complete with the 3D Manage software from 3D Systems, the Projet 6000 MP provides with a suitable commercial solution for the medical product industry. It has been said that 3D printing fits best for bespoke production and the human body is as bespoke as it comes!

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