Olympic Crowd Gaming at The Gadget Show Live


Our Olympic Crowd-Controlled Game goes live today at the Gadget Show Live at Birmingham’s NEC.

Presenters Suzi, Jason, Jon, Ortis and Pollyanna pit the 6,000 strong crowd in the show’s ‘Super Theatre’ against each other by competing in an Olympic-themed long jump game developed by Inition.

The 360 degree stage divides the audience into four groups, each backing a presenter, with Jon Bentley acting as umpire. Each presenter’s avatar tries his luck at jumping the furthest relying on synchronised crowd movement and hand claps. To control the speed of approach, the crowd is instructed to clap rhythmically in time. The faster the crowd claps, the more speed the avatar gains. Jumping is controlled by the crowd raising their arms together – if they are too late then a foul is called and the jumper disqualified! The presenter’s skills in conducting their section of the audience to acheive the longest jump will be put to the test!

Inition created the bespoke game from scratch incorporating their crowd sensing technology. Stuart Cupit, Technical Director at Inition commented: “This is the first time we have used our “CrowdPlay” technology to detect rhythmic clapping during a crowd game. This is our third year working with Gadget Show Live and Northone TV creating cutting-edge crowd gaming experiences and we’re delighted the shows have been so popular.”

The Gadget Show Super Theatre delivers an hour of high energy entertainment, three times a day from the 11th – 17th April 2012. Register here:

Crowd controlled long jump at Gadget Show Live 2012 from INITION on Vimeo.