Oculus Rift & its Big Week in Links


Is it just us or is literally everyone talking about Oculus Rift this week?

Ok, perhaps not everyone, though it’s definitely all we’ve been able to think about since our fancy new DK2 HMDs were delivered. Our delirious excitement aside, the Oculus has been the talk of the town; from comic conventions to discussions around its place as front-runner in the VR race, to LEGO imitations and other potential future competitors, the Oculus Rift is definitely the “it” gadget of the moment.

Not that we’re complaining, of course.

It’s not all virtual reality, though. There’s other stuff going on. We swear.

virtual reality

  • Oculus Rift at Comic-Con was like a birthday cake in the office: everyone wanted a piece
  • Everyone’s been comparing virtual reality displays to Iron Man, here’s another one (though this one looks decidedly un-Starkish)
  • Will ‘the battle for virtual reality’ between Sony, Oculus Rift and Google end in a Hunger Games-style tournament? We hope so.
  • This awesome Dad-Son duo have built their own VR headset out of LEGO. Brb, seeking adoption.
  • The original (and classic) NES version of Legend of Zelda has been re-imagined in VR and it’s both “familiar and completely terrifying”
  • Facing demons, virtually: virtual reality is now being used to treat heroin addiction

3D printing and scanning

  • Amazon are jumping on the 3D printing bandwagon, opening their own 3D printing store with heaps of cool things to personalise
  • Speaking of which, Gizmodo have put together a list of their favourite 5 things available on the Amazon 3D printing store..
  • A guy in the USA has printed a one level, adult-sized castle in his backyard using CAD data and a homemade concrete 3D printer. I repeat, HE HAS A CASTLE IN HIS BACKYARD.
  • Some folks over at Buzzfeed reviewed 3D printed, edible candy. Mixed reactions ensued.
  • Some very smart university students from Loughborough University have 3D printed the skeleton of King Richard III (aka the carpark king with the very twisted spine)

other tech tidbits

inition news!

  • We have a new team member – Jay Short! He’s in 3D printing and scanning. HI JAY!
  • Our Oculus Rift VR DK2 headsets have officially arrived. We’re very excited.
  • For our Summer Social we went to the Barbican Centre’s Digital Revolution exhibition. Review coming soon!
  • INITION were featured in 3D Artist magazine!

That’s it, until next week folks.