Mercedes Supercar goes 3D (With Making of Video)


Inition worked with Axis Films and In© to create a content campaign for Mercedes’ new SLS AMG in 3D. The film is the centrepiece of a £1 million campaign for the new gullwinged supercar; it features ex-Formula One driver David Coulthard, who drove the car at speeds of up to 165mph along a closed section of the Isle of Man TT course.

In© is an agency that uses freelance editorial talent to create broadcast, digital and print content. In© came up with the concept of filming the car on part of the TT Motorcycle course on the Isle of Man using ex-racing driver David Coulthard. The media taking this film includes Sky 3D, Sunday Times, Metro, Fifth Gear (Channel 5 and Discovery) and Wired.

Geoff Boyle was overall DP on the shoot: “I was brought in to this shoot as the overall DP and stereo consultant/stereographer. I worked with Pete & Jeremy to establish how we should do this and who we should get to supply facilities. Campbell Goodwille and Geoff Harrison were both brought in for additional stereography expertise.”

Andy Millns, Director, Inition commented: “We provided a range of production services supplying one of the main camera systems, and providing technical expertise and stereography. We worked closely with HFS (Helicopter Film Services) who provided the helicopter and stabilised 3D mount and the pursuit vehicle with stabilised arm which took our SI2Ks. It was a great collaboration between ourselves and Axis (On Sight), two of the leading UK suppliers of 3D and we are looking to pool our resources on a number of projects.”

For more details about how this 3D commercial was made you can watch a behind-the-scenes video below.