We helped Nexus Interactive Arts win a Lovie Award!


Quick Facts:

  • Who: Nexus Interactive Arts and Jim Le Fevre
  • What: FutureVille, a multi-player game about engineering
  • Where: It was installed in London’s Science Museum
  • Why: To inspire young people to want to get into engineering

Nexus Interactive Arts (NIA) worked with director Jim Le Fevre to develop FutureVille, a multi-player game which ‘[brought] to life the skills that engineers use everyday [and was] aimed at inspiring young people to think creatively about a career in engineering ‘.

The game, installed in London’s Science Museum, involved lively visuals being projection mapped on 3D printed mechanical moving parts — the components of which were 3D printed in our demo studio.

The entire experience was voted as one of the best Integrated Mobile Experiences at the 2015 Lovie Awards!