INITION Collaborate With Deeble & Stone For 3D Kenyan Documentary


Set against the spectacular Kenyan landscape, Inition has supplied stereoscopic equipment, crew, consultancy and post production supervision for Distant Thunder –  a pilot for a 3D documentary following the lives of a family of elephants during a drought.

Filming took place in Kenya’s Tsavo East and Amboseli National Parks and features a wide variety of filming techniques, from macro to hand-held gyro-stabilized and scenic time-lapses whilst following the elephant family on their epic journey.

3D producer and director at Inition, Andy Millns commented: “It was a real privilege to shoot in Africa with such experienced wildlife film-makers as Mark and Vicky. We all learnt a lot and have come away as a team with a unique understanding of how to shoot natural history in 3D.”

Vicky Stone, producer and director of the pilot commented: “It was a first for wildlife filmmaking and it proved the power of the medium. Digital 3D is so immersive and experiential that it is perfectly suited to natural history story telling. We were delighted that it was possible to achieve so much in such a short time – what started out as ‘proof of concept’ rapidly evolved to become a short film. It was an extraordinary and very successful collaboration.”

Anna Piffl, Communications Director, P+S TECHNIK commented: “This was the first use of P+S TECHNIK’s Stereo 3D Rigs for wildlife capturing in 3D. The results are very impressive beautiful images. The shoot proved the usability of P+S TECHNIK 3D rigs in rough backcountry conditions with a lot of travelling, dust and wind.”

Distant Thunder was premiered at the Dimension 3 expo in Paris and talks are underway to follow it up with a series.

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