INITION Co-Produces the UK’s First Live 3D Event Transmitted to a Domestic 3D TV


Last week Inition triumphed with a ground-breaking production of the UK’s first successful broadcast of a live event in 3D to a domestic 3D TV set, via Sky’s satellite network and existing Sky+HD set-top boxes.

The broadcast was part of a 3D music event co-produced by Inition, BSkyB, production company Nineteen Fifteen Productions and Island Records to coincide with Keane’s live performance that saw a 3D webcast of the gig streamed via Keane’s website. Inition pitched the idea to the band back in December when they were using our 3D equipment to film the promo of Keane’s song ‘Spiralling‘.

Keane, a band that have earned a reputation for embracing the power of new technology and connecting online with their fans, were quick to take up the idea.

Andy Millns, Director of Inition, commented:

“It was fantastic seeing a project on this scale through from initial concept to delivery. In terms of complexity, this was the most advanced 3D shoot I’ve been involved with but it all worked seamlessly and I was delighted with the results. Working closely with the OB suppliers Telegenic, we put in a full 5 camera OB using a mixture of bespoke and off-the-shelf equipment and put it all into Abbey Road in one day as there was no room for a truck outside the studio. I’d also like to thank Polecam for their support with their minicam system which is very useful for 3D work.”

Gerry O’Sullivan, Sky’s Director of Strategic Product Development, commented:

“We’re excited to have worked with Keane and their innovative management team to explore how our 3D TV technology might be used to offer a totally new viewing experience for live and recorded music. Being able to broadcast a live event in 3D is a real breakthrough as previous demonstrations have relied on recorded material. This is the first time we’ve broadcast a live event in 3D over satellite and it shows the significant progress we’re making with our research and development activity. The Keane event not only gave us new insight into our ability to deliver a rich and immersive live 3D experience into the home, but also confirmed that arts programming is another genre which has the potential to benefit from 3D.”

You can learn more about the behind-the-scenes work that went into the Keane 3D broadcast and watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes video by clicking on ‘Keane 3D – A Milestone in 3D Broadcasting‘ in the ‘Related Case Studies’ section below.

Keane, Live 3D gig from Abbey Road from INITION on Vimeo.