Case Study:

Moving 3D Scan of Tom Chaplin for Keane ‘Spiralling’ Promo


The Brief

We were approached by Andras Ketzer, director of Keane’s next music vidoe, with a request to record a singing head, extract depth and colour information and provide 3D data giving him the ability to manipulate the lead-singer’s head in 3D in post-production.

Solution and Results

Keane’s lead singer Tom Chaplin was filmed using our 2K stereoscopic filming system with a pattern projected on the singer to help with the depth-extraction algorithms. We converted this to generate a Z-depth image at 25 frames per second and the z-depth images were used as a displacement map to create 3D geometry.

We provided 3D data as a sequence of greyscale heightmap images (z-depth). This gave the director the ability to render his animated head from any angle at any point in time making a very unique memorable music video.

Check out the render of the depth map video that we delivered to the post-production house.