Case Study:

Drees & Sommer BIM 3D Printing and Augmented Reality Showcase


The Brief

Engineering project build management company Drees & Sommer approached Inition to create an innovative presentation tool to display BIM information for a European showcase event.

Drees & Sommer wanted something both visually informative and engaging for the user, showcasing their work using the latest cutting-edge technology.

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Our Solution

We proposed a combination of a 3D printed physical model with an augmented reality overlay of the office block that, when viewed through an iPad, would come to life.

Using our 3D Systems ProJet 660 pro, we 3D printed a large 350mm colour model from the CAD data.

Working with the 3D engineering model provided, we optimised it for real-time rendering, adding internal steelwork, plumbing, ventilation and external landscaping complete with moving cars and people.

An innovative interface allowed each layer to be selected, and the building to be ‘sliced’ floor by floor to see internal spaces.

When the physical model is viewed through the iPad the AR models seamlessly integrate into the 3D print, allowing users to freely explore the development, walk around it and zoom in to see finer detail.

The Results

Philipp Dohmen, Project Manager at Drees & Sommer said: “The response was great because no one had seen such a thing before. Anyone could handle it right from the start. It was practically presenting for us.”

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