BBC Newsnight Visit Inition for Newsnight 3D Printing Feature


As part of a Newsnight and BBC News feature about 3D printing, BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones visited Inition and left with a perfectly formed replica of his own head.

Rory was reporting for a feature that questioned whether 3D printing will spur a new industrial revolution, 260 years since the first great Industrial Revolution when steam-power transformed the western world. Rory interviewed Inition co-founder Andy Millns on the future of 3D printing for the 15 minute Newsnight piece, which included a live demo of 3D printer in the studio with Jeremy Paxman.

To illustrate how 3D printing technology can create customised and personal objects within a matter of hours, Inition’s 3D print team scanned Rory’s face using our Artec scanner. The three dimensional textured data was then tweaked and processed into a file ready for 3D printing, with the addition of a chain link.

Rory’s head was printed, layer by layer, on our ZPrinter system, which uses a powder-based material to produce detailed results.

Rory also took the time to explore the Inition Demo Studio, checking out some of our augmented reality projects as well as other 3D printed objects including our ‘People Wood’ Infosculpture, ‘Top Gear’ dragon and a Augmented Reality enabled 3D-printed model of the Zaha Hadid designed Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum.

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