3D Roller Coaster Advert for Extreme Game Show


Inition worked with Red Bee Media to produce a 3D advert for the new celebrity game show ‘Scream If You Know The Answer’. The advert replicates the experience of riding the front seat of a roller coaster and incorporates the adrenaline-fuelled theme of the quiz show.

Inition provided the stereoscopic camera system and crew to film a point of view sequence from the front of the Colossus roller coaster ride at Thorpe Park. The Inition post production team also finished the sequence before it was incorporated into the final 30 second advert at Red Bee Media.

‘Scream If You Know The Answer’ is new to UKTV’s Watch channel and features celebrities battling it out quiz show style whilst being flung around on a variety of Thorpe Park rides.

The 3D advert will be screened in cinemas nationwide, to coincide with the release of 3D film ‘Clash of the Titans’ and also in 1,200 Sky 3D pubs during football games.