3D Printing, Augmented & Virtual Reality Links of the Week


Another week, another fantastic, exciting and… delicious round-up of our favourite news links.


3D ice-cream, Fashion & Virtual Reality, the beauty of 3D Futurama and Dawn of the Apes’ motion capture…

  • A team at MIT have re-purposed an ice-cream machine to connect to a 3D printer, resulting in delicious, science-y creations. YUM via Mashable
  • Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, has alluded to a Virtual Reality future for Star Wars, stating “entertainment will be immeasurable enhanced with virtual reality experiences” via Slash Gear
  • Check out the “41 best Oculus Rift Virtual Reality games, demos and experiences” via PCWorld
  • Another terrifying Virtual Reality game is on its way, thanks to Oculus Rift. via Geeky Gadgets
  • Someone has turned the intro of Futurama into absolutely stunning photorealistic 3D via Gizmodo
  • Jaguar Land Rover showcase a ‘virtual windscreen’ concept, turns everyday driving into a game via The Drum
  • Monash University in Melbourne have created 3D-printed human cadaver replicas for medical students via Gizmag
  • Mainly Andy Serkis. “What you need to know about 3D Motion Capture” via Engadget
  • 3D London is here, and it is beautiful. All thanks to Google Maps via Huffington Post UK
  • BLOG: Virtual Reality and Retail: Fashion’s eCommerce Trends via Huffington Post UK
  • NASA, doing cool stuff again. This time, it’s 3D printing Nebulas from space! via cNET
  • Our awesome Topshop Virtual Reality Catwalk Experience has been nominated for another award –  for Best Hybrid Event / Best Virtual Event at the Event Technology Awards. Go us!