Tech Blog: Product Overview of VizMove Walking & Projection VR Systems



Product: The VizMove Walking VR and Projection VR Systems from WorldViz.

By 3D Technology Consultant, Allan Rankin.

What are the current uses of these VizMove Systems?

Both VizMove Systems have many uses including simulated training environments, automotive and engineering ergonomic design and evaluation, product testing, architectural environmental and building design, building site pre-visualisation and Rapid Application Development (RAD). However, additional uses include research for psychology, cognition, environmental awareness and evacuation drills, gaming and product testing.

What are the primary sectors that use this technology?

Systems such as these often have quite a broad spectrum of applicable sectors, though we’ve found that the areas most likely to utilise the technology are within the Research and Education, AEC, Medicine, Retail, Marketing, Training and Support fields.

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What are the potential future development/uses of these VizMove Systems?

  • Create better VR environments
  • More accurate situational immersion
  • Sales tools
  • Immersive Video Conferencing or Co-Location collaboration.

What is the potential future competition/threats from competing products/technology?

Mobile advancement technologies such as HTC’s Vive and the Oculus Rift will eventually provide compelling alternatives, but those technologies have a long way to go in providing versatility in using data quickly in VR environments.

Current content creation for the Vive, Sony’s Playstation VR and Oculus is difficult and expensive and their target audience tends to be more gaming and consumer-based. The WorldViz solutions are functional and built for professional application.

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