Tech Blog: Product Overview – Geomagic Phantom Premium



Product: The Geomagic Phantom Premium from 3D Systems.

By 3D Technology Consultant, Jay Short

What are the current uses of the Geomagic Phantom Premium?

The Geomagic Phantom Premium is used primarily as a tool for object interrogation, manipulation, information acquisition and simulation through haptic interface. The Phantom Premium is the highest specification offering from Geomagic/3D Systems.

What are the primary sectors that use the Geomagic Phantom Premium?

The Geomagic Phantom Premium is used in range of industry sectors, but is particularly suitable for universities and medical research facilities. The nature of haptic devices provide a hyper-intuitive means of interrogating and exploring an object. As a design tool as well, haptic devices are giving creatives the ability to sculpt incredibly complex organic shapes and geometries that would not otherwise have been possible.

What are the potential future development/uses of the Geomagic Phantom Premium?

As software develops, there will more and more powerful potential applications for the likes of the Geomagic Phantom Premium. Other technologies such as virtual reality will also look to harness the potential of haptic interfaces in increasingly powerful and creative ways.

What is the potential future competition/threats from competing products/technology?

The haptic marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive as a number of manufacturers develop their own devices which are seen as improvements on the existing technology. However, the Geomagic brand carries a strong reputation now supported by the financial clout of 3D Systems.