Rock Music, Roller Skates & 3D Race Scenes


Inition has been working with leading West End Theatre producers Bill Kenwright Productions, to create a state of the art 3D projection system for the new Starlight Express show, which returns to the stage after a 5 year hiatus.

Now the cast are putting their skates back on for a UK tour which starts at Wimbledon Theatre tonight and contains a fast paced 3D roller-skating race projected onto a large 7-metre screen and delivering bright, adrenalin fuelled race scenes in full stereoscopic 3D. Inition developed the duality 3D projection system which consisted of four 15,000 lumen 2K Eiki Projectors and ran off Avolites Ai media server, the first time the server has been used for 3D projection. The 3D projectors were controlled over time code and operated on set by the Musical Director.

  • 3D Projection Starlight Express

James Marks, Inition’s 3D installation specialist said: “This is Inition’s most complex duality 3D projection system to date. The system had to be versatile so that it could go on tour with the production, but it also had to deliver stunning, bright, live action stereoscopic 3D. Using Avolites Ai media server to power the 3D projections has never been done in before and we were delighted with the results.”

Starlight Express is one of the longest running musicals in West End history. Inition has worked on previous tours in the UK and US including the Houston launch event in 2003 attended by a host of important dignitaries including George Bush, then president of the United States.