Product Overview

The range of software includes:

  • CaveLib
  • Trackd
  • vGeo
  • VRScape
  • VRCO


VRCO CaveLib

CAVELib is the most widely used Application Programmer’s Interface (API) for developing applications for immersive displays. The philosophy of the CAVELib is to let the developer concentrate on their application and let the CAVELib handle the difficulties of VR. The CAVELib’s API is simple but powerful, only a fraction of the API’s capabilities are required to create an immersive application, yet it has an extensive API to meet even the most advanced developer’s needs.

The CAVELib 3.0 API provides the building blocks to handle the intricacies of creating robust applications for Virtual Environments. Some of the items the CAVELib abstracts away for a developer are, window and viewport creation, viewer-centered perspective calculations, displaying to multiple graphics channels, multi-processing and multi-threading, cluster synchronization and data sharing, and stereoscopic viewing.

VRCO Trackd
Trackd® is the standard device software for the leading VR applications, developers, display manufacturers, motion tracking companies, and input device manufacturers in the immersive display industry. The trackd is a small “daemon” application that takes information from a variety of tracking and input devices and makes that information available for other applications to use. Trackd is used with large and small immersive displays to allow applications to take advantage of six degree of freedom tracking and immersive interactive tools.

Trackd is used by all VRCO products, including VRScape® and vGeo™, as well as all CAVELib™ applications and many applications from leading software companies. It is the middle-ware standard for the Immersive Display industry, and is available with most commercially installed systems. Trackd works with a variety of operating systems (IRIX, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, and Win32) and its networking capabilities allow different graphics machines to share information from tracking and input devices regardless of operating system.

The Virtual Global Explorer and Observatory (vGeo) is an interactive data fusion and visual analysis tool designed to meet the complex challenges faced by today’s scientists, engineers and simulation analysts. A vGeo user can navigate and interact with a time varying, three-dimensional world constructed from many large, multivariate data sets including observations, computer simulations, images, and model objects. By taking advantage of the ability to recognize data patterns by seeing them – as animated 3D objects in an immersive environment – users often discover features and relationships that might go otherwise unnoticed.

VRScape® is VRCO’s Simple Model Viewing Collabrative application. Easy to use and easy to configure, it is an excellent program for Virtual Environment browsing. Simple to configure data files and intuitive navigation makes this program the must have for VR neophytes and experts alike. Despite its simplicity, it is full featured with multiple interactive capabilities and networked collaboration for sharing environments with other users around the globe.


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