Product Overview

With radarTOUCH you can turn any display, surface or even open space into a multiTOUCH screen. Any front or rear projection, plasma, LCD or LED wall could become interactive by using radarTOUCH.

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Every move you make in a defined area will be registered and expressed. You can use your hands, feet or any other object to get a reaction. So you can control a great variety of applications with one or more persons. It is also possible to control your application completely free in the air, without touching your image area.

 The radarTOUCH consists of a hardware part and a software part that works like a driver. The hardware is the measurement device, a small box that sends out a rotating laser. This “laser surface” is not dangerous (Laser class 1) and not visible (905nm). It measures the distance of all objects in its 2-Dimensional environment.

There are two connectors on the hardware, one for power supply and the other one for the ethernet connection. The software part is a java programm that interprets the data which the laser detects and which are sent via ethernet to your PC. Nearly any object that interrupts the laser will be detected. Now you can use the data for your individual application.

 The radarTOUCH can also be used outdoor. The hardware has International Protection class IP65, so it’s water and dustproof. To expand the operating temperature from [0°] … [+50°]Celsius to [-20°] … [+50°]Celsius the radarTOUCH is available with heater, too. Because it is possible to mount the measurement device detached of the image area, you are able to use the radarTOUCH in front of a shopping window for example, to make it interactive. The radarTOUCH is particulary suitable for large image areas. The maximum size of your interactive area depends on your application. If you want to detect small obstacles like fingers that point on something, an image diagonal of ca. 70 inch will fit. If you just want to use gestures, your interactive area width can be round about 20m. Please note that the surface and the size of the obstacles that should be recognized is also very important. A white big object, for example, will be detected also in a large distance from the measurement device, whereas a black small object won’t be recognized.


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