Product Overview

ProjectionDesign offers a broad range of professional projectors for 3D stereoscopic visualisation. At projectionDesign we believe 3D stereoscopic images have the power to increase business value and turn images into assets. Stereoscopic projection is used in many industries to wipe out the borders between illusion and reality, and to enhance understanding of graphically presented data. 3D stereoscopic imaging is used in many industries, such as oil and gas exploration, design and manufacturing, film and entertainment, medical imaging, and many others to improve on profitability by shortening decision processes, and increasing efficiencies within projects.

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Active stereo
The F10 AS3D uses patented technologies for displaying full Dual Head 3D Stereographic content from digital or analogue computer sources – available from a wide range of standard systems. It features double the bandwidth of competing projectors in order to display a full 120 frames per second, providing a flicker-free image without colour alterations
or viewing angle restrictions seen with some passive 3D stereo technologies. Independent of projection surface, it provides the highest performance imaging. Single lens optics ensures ultra simple setup. Active stereo solutions are widely used in single projector installations, such as planning rooms, portable applications, as well as in multiple projector
applications and CAVEs (Computer Aided Visual Environment). The F10 AS3D works as well with 2D imaging as it does with 3D, as it has no filters or other limiting factors.

Passive stereo
ProjectionDesign offers a wide range of passive 3D stereo projector solutions, from small and semi-portable, to large, fixed installation types. All our models are specifically designed to work in dedicated pairs, with optical corrections and modifiations to provide the best possible performance. All our models use the INFITEC™ Wavelength Multiplex
Imaging technololgy, recognized from the Dolby 3D™ technology used in digital cinema applications. All models have built-in filters for increased stability and reliability, and a minimum hassle. The F32 and F80 series feature motorized INFITEC™ filters, enabling them to be removed from the image processing at the flick of a switch, providing very flexible
projectors that can be used both for 2D and 3D images.


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