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The CyberGlvove IGS is the world’s first Gyro-based (IMU-based) hand and finger tracking solution. Designed to offer an accurate, easy to use solution to users who need to collect hand and finger movement for their research, animation, ergonomics or simulation projects.

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The 7-Sensor CyberGlove IGS extrapolates the 4 finger tips through user-configured parameters, based on their proximal joint (knuckle) bend values. It also interpolates the proximal joints from the middle phalanges sensors. There is a palm sensor to parent all of the phalanges chains. A pair of wired 7-Sensor IGS-Gloves plugged into the TCP of a wireless IGS-suit, provides the most seamless full body with fingers solution because the entire suit and gloves can be run by a single wireless processor (up to 31 sensors).

The 12-Sensor IGS-Glove extrapolates the 4 finger tips through a user-configured parameter GUI, based on their proximal joint (knuckle) bend values. There is a palm sensor to parent all of the phalanges chains. One or two gloves tap into the same processor, wired or wireless. The IMUs can be tuned up periodically by the user with provided software. Initialization poses can be manipulated to fit the most convenient postures. Hardware doesn’t need calibration, but instead requires an initialization that can be saved, optimized whenever and loaded to be recalled with a key stroke so calibration is not necessary with the CyberGlove IGS.

With 15 IMUs, all phalanges are covered (except the pinkie tip) and there is only a single extrapolation and no interpolations are involved so the natural motions are captured when fingers are holding objects, what is not possible with 7 or 12 sensor systems. However, with 15-sensors, there is hardly enough channels remaining on a TCP wireless IGS suit to plug in a wired system to piggy back on the wireless processor so this system needs its own wireless processor regardless of the presence of a suit that might be working in sync.


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