Parity Group Acquires Inition

Inition is excited to announce that it has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Parity Group, a UK-listed public company. The acquisition marks the first step in implementing the Group’s strategy to move into the expanding digital media market and enables Inition’s continuing growth and development as a pioneering creative 3D technology company.

Inition was founded in 2001 by four computer science graduates, Jim Gant, Stuart Cupit, Andy Millns and Chris Sutton (who left the company in 2005). Following the acquisition, Jim, Stuart and Andy will continue to run the business from Inition’s Shoreditch studio and will report directly to the Parity board.

Inition has a broad portfolio of clients spanning advertising agencies, consumer brands, technology companies, architects, live shows, educational, medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Co-founder of Inition, Jim Gant, commented: “We are extremely proud to have built a strong, knowledgeable and entrepreneurial team who have consistently pushed the boundaries of emerging technologies and media. Being part of the Parity Group will allow us to drive our business forward at an accelerated pace and we are excited to be the first acquisition in their new digital strategy.”

Parity CEO, Paul Davies, said: “We are delighted to bring this well-known Shoreditch based centre for the latest 3D technology into our Group. Inition will significantly strengthen our emerging technology skill base and market position, and we are particularly pleased that its directors are taking significant holdings in our Group as part of the consideration, reflecting our joint enthusiasm for Parity’s prospects in this growing market.”

Inition offers a wide range of creative 3D technology and production services including experiential production, augmented reality, 3D technology consultancy and supply and creative services spanning 3D printing, 3D filming and 3D scanning.

The Parity Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange with a ticker of PTY.L