Olympic Summer


Inition are very proud to have been involved with a variety of projects aiming to celebrate the Olympics and Paralympics taking place in London this summer. For a quick roundup of some of the work we’ve done, read on….

London 2012 Mascot Films
Inition used 3D scanning to help prizewinning filmmaker Mario Cavalli to create digital 3D models of a series of clay maquettes based on British athletes including Chris Hoy, Tom Daley and Mo Farah. These highly detailed maquettes were created to act as a starting point for animators making a series of films aiming to inspire families to take up sport ahead of the games.

ADVENTURES ON A RAINBOW from Mario Cavalli on Vimeo.

Gadget Show Live
Inition developed an Olympic-themed crowd game to be played at The Gadget Show Live in which avatars based on each presenter took it in turns to attempt a long-jump. In order to help the avatars jump as far as possible, audience members were called on to clap in time with each other (to control the run-up) and then to raise their hands in the air to make the avatar jump. Jumping too late resulted in a foul being called, and the presenter being disqualified!

Gadget Show Live - Crowd Controlled Long Jump Game from BackflipBedlem on Vimeo.

Lego 3D Stop-Motion Films for the Guardian
For the Guardian’s Brick-By-Brick series we provided 3D filming equipment and crew to help create a series of short Lego stop-motion films inspired by a variety of sporting events.

Sailing Game for London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea
ICCI at Plymouth University invited Inition to create an immersive audience game to display as part of the Maritime Mix- London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea. Inition created a virtual race through a landscape modelled on Weymouth Bay, in which audience members blowing into microphones determined the power and direction of the wind through which the competing boats sailed. If audience members blew too loudly, the boats would capsize!

3D modelling for Paralympic Basketball Teams
Inition provided Contour886 with training and consultancy to help them create 3D models of Paralympic athletes. This information was then used to create made-to-measure wheelchairs for the British basketball teams to use in their matches. Read more about this project here: