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Technobabble pay INITION a visit

Clara from CBBC’s Technobabble dropped by our Demo Studio to have a chat with INITION co-founder Andy Millns for a special episode on virtual reality. Andy showed Clara around our Demo Studio, even sending her across the plank in our Virtual Vertigo experience. You can watch our segment below, or watch the episode in its entirety here


Virtual Vertigo at ForeverBeats

We were invited to Shoreditch creative agency, Forever Beta, to put on a VR show for guests at their ForeverBeats event. We brought our Virtual Vertigo experience with us, wowing (and terrifying) guests as we sent them across the virtual plank.


VR Meetup: 24th October

We held another of our virtual reality meetups, this time playing host to our special guests from Leap Motion who were handing out several of their Oculus Rift-compatible Leap Motion controllers to those who entered into their exciting six week, global developer competition: Leap Motion 3D Jam


  • Leap Motion’s Isaac Cohen was on hand to discuss the 3D Jam competition along with an example of the technology’s storytelling ability via his ‘Space Puppies’ presentation.
  • We held a demo of VR Clay, the Oculus Rift-compatible virtual sculpting technology which, when used alongside the Razer Hydra, enables heightened interactivity with virtual reality creations
  • Toby Downton previewed his novel, Solaversia, a virtual reality-based story set in a futuristic, dystopian society.
  • Aler Gu from Dexta Robotics presented his impressive robotic hand exoskeleton called the Dexmo. The mechanical system integrates force feedback to enable users to ‘touch the digital world’ by capturing hand movements and translating them into virtual applications. Following our VR Meetup, the Dexmo made its debut on Kickstarter!
  • And finally, Yifei Chai from Unit9 dropped by to present The Pretender Project. Described as an ’empathy experiment’ the project uses electrical impulses to stimulate ‘mimicked movement’ between two people

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walks with robots

Our friends at Emotion Robotics paid us a visit and brought their pal NAO the robot with them.

With the capabilities to track, interact (and dance!) with us mere humans, the potential applications for the technology’s use are immense.


At INITION, however, we wanted to try taking selfies with a robot…

  • emotion robotics

…and going on short, romantic walks down Curtain Road.



in other news..


Don’t expect to see James Cameron jumping on the virtual reality cinema bandwagon anytime soon, with the director disappointingly stating he thinks the technology is ‘a yawn’.


Is ‘sensory marketing’ the way of the future? Given that marketing has historically represented a fearless testing ground for the application of emerging technologies, and with augmented and virtual reality-based campaigns on the rise – it certainly seems so.


HP are officially entering the 3D printing and scanning game, with the announcement of their release of – not one, but two – different offerings to the market. Opinion on the impact of this development has been mixed, with some claiming the announcement could run smaller 3D printing operations out of business, whilst others predicting there being more than enough room in the market for HP and its smaller competitors to, not only exist, but flourish.


Following on from our recent augmented reality project for the US team and their as-yet-unbuilt stadium, the Sacramento Kings basketball team unveil an awesome 3D court projection which wowed crowds prior to their opening game last week