Inition Supports Top Gear Live Show Fifth Year in a Row


Top Gear Live, the action-packed live version of the TV show, launched the first leg of its 2010 World Tour at Earls Court London earlier this month. This year the live show has been given another interactive makeover by Inition featuring a Mobile SMS Text competition and an interactive Cool Wall where the audience can rate cars and post comments.

The text-based competition is hosted by Inition and enables the crowd to text in answers to questions posed on the big screens on stage for a chance to win prizes. Top Gear’s Cool Wall also allows the audience to vote on whether cars are “cool” or “uncool” and post live comments which the presenters interact with. Inition also provides on-hand technical expertise to the International show which will play to over 300,000 spectators across seven cities around the world in the forthcoming months.

On previous shows Inition has worked with the show’s producers to create a 3D animated dragon to do battle with the Stig. Last year Inition created the world’s largest mass audience participation driving game consisting of two on-screen supercars which were collectively steered left or right by audience members holding up red or green cards, with speed controlled by how much noise each side made – the louder the audience the faster the cars go.

This is now the fifth year in which Inition has collaborated with Top Gear Live to bring cutting edge interactive technology to the show format. Inition is involved at every stage of the project from concept development through to technology provision, customising software, content creation and programming. Full details and locations here: