WIRED Next Generation: Inition to Present


Inition will be showcasing the Nissan/TRO group virtual wing suit simulator at the Wired Next Generation event.

On October 19th, at the Tobacco Dock in London, teenagers interested in careers involving technology, science and the arts, will gather to participate in workshops and see amazing presentations.

Inition staff will present the popular wing suit simulator. Originally commissioned by experiential agency TRO Group and Nissan to bring to life the ‘Built to Thrill’ campaign, the 3D multi-sensory experience simulates a jump from a plane 21,000 feet in the air with stereoscopic virtual reality visuals, a DMX controlled fan and motion based interactivity.

Visitors will be challenged to collect as many spare car parts as they can, using the motion of their head to swoop through mountains and a stunning high tech cityscape before attempting to land on a Nissan Juke.

Learn more about virtual reality in this episode of Fast Forward on O2 Guru TV.

Andy Millns, Inition Creative Director said: “The launch of the dev Oculus Rift has shown how far things have progressed and now even mobile phones have the capability to deliver compelling experiences.”

He continued: “Games developers and 3D artists have an amazing opportunity to create imaginative worlds for others to explore. We hope the wing suit simulator will inspire a new generation into developing ground-breaking virtual reality experiences.”

Wired Next Generation will also host several informative clinics/workshops throughout the day.  You will be able to learn how to build your own electronic music maker; solve problems like a NASA engineer, build a mobile game in just 30 minutes and even make a computer in less than an hour.  Did we say you will also learn how to make a sci-fi movie?