INITION Powers Massive Crowd-Controlled Angry Birds Game for Samsung


INITION’s evolved CrowdSense technology recently enabled the ultimate Angry Birds multi-player experience at Westfield Shopping Centre in London.

250 Angry Bird fans and celebrities were invited by Samsung to the Angry Birds All Star Finals where 76 finalists from 19 European countries battled it out to become the master of the world’s most downloaded game. Samsung Electronics used the occasion to showcase their new range of motion controlled Smart TVs.

To accentuate how motion can enhance interactivity, brand experience agency Ignite hired Inition to create a fun experience where fans could control a game of Angry Birds, using the collective motion of their bodies.

The crowd of players stepped forwards/backwards to change the trajectory of the bird, walked left/right to stretch the slingshot and clapped in unison to ‘fire’ the bird across the giant 50 square metre Samsung Screen, constructed by Big Screen Media.

“This final has not only shown the remarkable talent and love of the game from Angry Birds players across Europe, but the ability to play using motion control on Samsung Smart TV adds a whole new dimension to the Angry Birds experience,” said Harri Koponen, COO of Rovio.

The Romanian team (pictured) took the crown, winning 1,000 euros in the process and treated to a live performance by Alexis Jordan.

“Live events and exhibitions are all about getting the attention of consumers and potential customers, so engagement is really crucial” Stuart Cupit, creative technologist at Inition.

Inition’s proprietary technology has been perfected on similar commissions in the past including enabling a 6000 strong audience to compete in groups on an Olympic themed ‘long jump‘ game at Gadget Show Live. For the Top Gear Live show, the audience competed in a car racing game by collectively steering either left or right. Acceleration was controlled by how much noise each side generated.

Cupit adds: “For brands, mass-audience engagement is a powerful way of increasing brand recognition with customers. The experience is even greater if you have fun with a large number of other people at the same time – in this case the experience of playing Angry Birds on a Samsung Smart TV. CrowdSense will really be of interest to those brands and agencies looking to do something different to the usual events and exhibitions.”