INITION partners with Collections Trust to offer 3D services to museums


Museums to join the virtual space

INITION and museum organisation Collections Trust have announced a groundbreaking partnership to open up new ways of displaying, interpreting and experiencing heritage using 3D services and technologies.

Fitzwilliam Museum Artefact being scannedHan Dynasty dog being 3D scanned

The partnership will build on our previous work within this sector such as the 3D scanning and printing of a range of artifacts for the Fitzwilliam Museum, and a 360 degree rowing experience for the Henley River and Rowing museum.

The partnership will open up new ideas, opportunities and guidelines for museums and galleries looking to explore the potential of 3D to improve public access and use of their collections, including an innovative platform showcasing the state of the art in 3D applications in the heritage sector.

Speaking about the partnership, Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole commented,

“3D is set to transform the way people understand and interact with heritage collections. Whether it is capturing 3D models of objects, giving people the ability to experience them online or producing replicas for research and retail, the possibilities are limitless. With its industry-leading expertise, creative insight and focus on choosing the right tools for the job, Inition is the perfect partner to help us explore this new dimension in cultural heritage.”

  • A 360 degree VR installation for the Henley River and Rowing museum that allowed visitors to experience a race in the Henley Regatta from the Cox’s point of view.

Also announcing the partnership, Jim Gant, Managing Director of Inition commented,

“Inition is really looking forward to working closely with Collections Trust to make heritage collections available to wider audiences in accessible ways using emerging technologies. Our in-house team of 3D scanning consultants, 3D artists and augmented and virtual reality developers will design innovative experiences and installations to forever preserve Britain’s rich cultural heritage for future generations to enjoy, whether in museums and galleries, at home or on the move.”

In addition to developing practical guidance for heritage organisations wanting to make use of 3D technologies, Inition and Collections Trust will be launching an online platform showcasing the best of current 3D models and applications from museums, archives and libraries across Europe.

For further information and to meet the Inition team, come along to the OpenCulture 2014 conference at the Kia Oval in London, 25-26 June 2014