Inition London takes delivery of two RED EPIC cameras


The future of stereoscopic 3D storytelling arrived in the London offices of Inition today – two RED EPIC cameras as used on The Amazing Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean IV and currently used on The Hobbit – all 3D blockbusters.

Featuring a 5K sensor, RED EPIC cameras deliver the next level of stereoscopic 3D production with the ability to shoot at a staggering 300 frames per second thanks to a firmware update. Small and highly mobile (a third of the size of the RED ONE) RED EPIC cameras incorporate a 27 layer ASIC chip, the most advanced processor of its type in the world, and can film a dynamic range of up to 18 stops.

We recently tested the new cameras in side-by-side rigs and pulsar mirror rigs and the results were fantastic. Our new RED EPIC cameras will be used to deliver spectacular stereoscopic projects moving forward. RED EPIC 3D rigs are available for hire from Inition.

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