INITION’s Mr Porter Experience puts guests directly into new film Kingsman: The Secret Service


23rd January, 2015

Quick Facts:

Who: Google, Mr Porter & Kingsman: The Secret Service Film
What: Interactive booth experience
When: January 23 – February 6
Where: VUE Cinemas, Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush

INITION is excited to announce the launch of our latest project, a collaboration with Mr Porter and Google to promote the launch of Kingsman: The Secret Service and the new Mr Porter x Kingsman Menswear Collection.

Running Friday 23rd January through to 6th February, guests to Westfield London’s VUE Cinema will be able to step into a specially-designed pod where they will be immersed directly into key scenes from the feature film, essentially “becoming a Kingsman agent”.

Based off the acclaimed comic book and starring Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Samuel L Jackson, Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a ‘super-secret spy organisation’ as it faces a global threat from a ‘twisted tech genius’. The experience literally puts participants right in the middle of the action, with the background options drawing directly on the surroundings from integral parts within the film.

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How does the experience work? Using a custom-built green screen and a bullet time camera rig we shot 16 simultaneous images of a model striking a thematic pose, whilst dressed head-to-toe in clothing from the new Mr Porter x Kingsman Collection.

These images were then composited together onto background scenes that we recreated to match three key locations from the film. When guests enter the pod and align themselves with the appropriate markers, the same bullet rig will capture their image, creating the illusion of their presence within the film, head-to-toe in the stylish collaborative range. The footage is converted into an animated .gif that guests can share on social media or save via email.

At the project’s crux however is the ready-to-wear collection of designer looks adapted directly from those worn in the film. Described by the online menswear retailer as embodying “the classic British gentleman’s wardrobe”, the Mr Porter-designed line of stylish threads and accessories was a result of a collaboration between the label, Kingsman Director, Matthew Vaughn and costume designer, Arianne Phillips. The project will give guests an up-close look at several items from the collection which can be explored in its entirety online via the Google-powered microsite.


Discussing the project, INITION Producer Ainsley Henn stated, “This ground-breaking project played up to many of our strengths, using technologies we’re well acquainted with such as green screen and bullet rig photography and CGI production. It is the unprecedented synergistic approach that has produced this innovative experience as we’ve not seen these technologies combined into one experience before. The result is truly incredible, allowing consumers to step into a 3D scene from the film, to have their clothing transformed and seconds later to receive an animated .gif for sharing on social media.”

Technical Director and Co-Founder of INITION, Stuart Cupit adds, “INITION’s 3D pod technology enables people to take away a shareable three dimensional scene from the movie with themselves in the starring role, wearing some key pieces from the new Mr Porter x Kingsman collection. This is the first time we have seen bullet time rigs combined with real time foreground and background compositing to produce a truly memorable experience.”

The experience was featured in an article online on Event Magazine’s website, was covered by Draper’s Online and was featured on RetailWeek

Kingsman – Mr Porter – INITION / Bullet Time Experience – Making of Pub Fight Scene from BackflipBedlem on Vimeo.