INITION Co-founder Eats His Own Brain


Inition’s latest ‘Future of 3D’ project combines some cutting-edge and very traditional 3D techniques. Putting our technical and culinary skills to the test, we challenged our 3D printing team to turn a high-tech MRI scan into a delicious, if slightly macabre, chocolate treat!

Inition co-founder Andy Millns gave his MRI brain scan data which he had on file after participating in an Imperial College research project. The team got to work by first extracting a 3D model from the sliced-image MRI data which was then 3D printed and used to create a latex mould for the casting of the chocolate brain. After consuming his own brain, Andy Millns, co-founder at Inition said: “I’ve been involved in some weird 3D projects over the years at Inition but eating my own chocolate brain was one of the most bizarre . We hope the detailed how-to on Instructables will give others food for thought.”

To view detailed instructions on the techniques and workflow, visit Instructables where we show how to make your own chocolate brain. The techniques should be useful for anyone looking to 3D-print objects sourced from medical imaging data (not just for making chocolate brains!).

The following tools and software were used in the project: InVesalius3Meshlab3DS Max, Inition’s zPrinter 450.

How To Eat Your Own (Chocolate) Brain! from INITION on Vimeo.

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