INITION at the ICEEfest

INITION were pleased to be a part of the 2016 ICEEfest (Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival) on 9 & 10 June. Taking place in Bucharest, Romania INITION’s CEO Adrian Leu and New Business Director Jay Short travelled to Bucharest as guests of the organisers and delivered a talk on “The new dimension: AR & VR”


The ICEEfest goal is to bring together top brands and world class agencies from different disciplines in order to advance knowledge around marketing and media covering various aspects of the spectacular world of Internet, starting with content, creativity, awareness and performance marketing, tech (adtech, martech, data), apps and mobile, e-commerce and more.

Adrian was joined by senior figures from Microsoft Hololens, UBER, Innoactive, Wildbytes, Tripadvisor and many more. Discussions were focused around the potential impact of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality that will open up new markets and new ways for people to consume content and connect. Adrian specifically spoke on how these new immersive technologies blur the line between the message and the medium.

In terms of discussions Adrian advised the audience that that there is something about the power of the medium (technology) that advance the message. If new mediums are the driving force of new messages, that leaves us with an inevitable desire to chew over; what will these new messages be, and how will new mediums for example, virtual reality headsets, enable their conveyance to the world?



The day ended with an award ceremony where our New Business Director, Jay Short, had the honour to present the IAB Mixx Award for Best Interactive Experience. The IAB MIXX Awards celebrates excellence in digital marketing for cross media campaigns. The collection of winning work creates a valuable platform that furthers the IAB mission to educate the broader advertising and marketing industry about the powerful impact interactive has on the overall marketing mix.