Inition 3D Creative Artist Featured on BBC Science Show


Senior 3D Creative Alex Lambert was profiled for a new educational BBC Two series looking at the men and women at the forefront of new technologies.

Rani Price, most famous for her presenting role on Blue Peter, spent a day at Inition’s studios to talk to Alex about augmented reality for Beneath the Lab Coat, a show designed to inspire teenagers into taking up science and physics in further education.

To dispel any myth that science leads to uninspired jobs, Alex gave Rani an iPad to explore a range of exciting augmented reality projects he had worked on.

“That is absolutely brilliant!” she said, exploring the life-sized transparent human body that Inition originally produced for a medical agency.

After presenting a variety of other projects, from automotive to architectural themes, Alex shared his thoughts on how the technology will evolve: “You can have something attached to your face, like a pair of glasses, which does the same job as a tablet. I reckon that’s going to be really big in the future.”

Alex Lambert joined Inition as Senior 3D Creative in September 2011 having racked up a series of awards as a 2D compositor, director and 3D animator on a number of high profile projects.