Evolving Realities: Tech as a Medium – INITION at Digital Shoreditch 2015


19 May, 2015

Missed our event, Evolving Realities, from this year’s Digital Shoreditch Festival? Read on to catch up on what you missed..

Following on from last year’s successful open day, INITION again participated in this year’s Digital Shoreditch Festival, two weeks dedicated to uncovering and celebrating the cutting edge developments and entrepreneurship happening within London’s Tech City.

This year we turned our focus to brand and agencies, unleashing Evolving Realities: Brand Experiences in the Virtual World over two sessions in our underground Demo Studio.


Our Lead Creative, Alex Lambert, took to the stage to discuss the necessity for brands and agencies looking to develop forward-looking experiences to view tech more as a medium, in conjunction with the traditional creative process, rather than simply being led by what tech is currently taking the world by storm.

With platforms like virtual reality very much en vogue at the moment, the phase of ‘any VR content being good VR content’ will only last so long as public exposure to the tech is limited. With the release of consumer-ready VR HMDs just around the corner – Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus, HTC Vive, just to mention a few), virtual and augmented reality is looking likely to explode into the mainstream, bringing with it the need for producers to continue to push creative boundaries.

Thus, when the sheen of all these ‘world first’ experiences begins to wear off, consumer attention will move from focusing on virtual reality as a new piece of tech, to the quality of the content and narrative. The sooner brands and agencies begin to embrace virtual and augmented reality, not only for its current technical ability, but for its capacity as a medium through which great, immersive, thought-provoking content can be produced, the sooner they’ll have a real foot in the race for leader of the VR movement.

  • digital shoreditch at inition evolving realities event 2015
  • digital shoreditch at inition evolving realities event 2015