Evolving Realities: Brand Experiences in the Virtual World – Digital Shoreditch 2015


This May, INITION will again host a special Digital Shoreditch festival event, this time with a focus on brands and agencies wanting to create compelling, virtual consumer experiences

As part of Digital Shoreditch 2015, INITION is inviting guests from the brand and agency world along to our underground Demo Studio for an open day of tech and experiential discussions and demonstrations.

We live in an ever-evolving world where technology advances at seemingly lightning speeds. Within the communications space, we’ve seen our focus shift from more singular, analogue modes of communicating to a hugely splintered smorgasbord of ways to interact with the world around us.

Quick Facts

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So, how does this affect brands? Well, for starters there’s a lot of competition for our collective attention now. With new and flashy products and programs popping up online each and every day to grab (and often maintain) our attention, consumers’ time is a commodity, and a valuable one at that.

Therefore, to claim a fraction of that attention, brands are under increasing pressure to produce experiences which engage consumers on a level high enough to compete with what the world wide web has to offer (which is, to say, a lot).

It’s not like the public isn’t interested, after all. The recent report, How We Shop Now conducted by the retail giant Westfield revealed that 52% of shoppers are keen to try Augmented Reality in a retail environment, 57% tempted by Virtual Mirrors, 57% are interested in using interactive digital displays, while 47% of people are likely to use e-wallets. With demand there, it all comes down to the development of high quality, compelling content to convince consumers to get involved.

The upside of this is that brands who succeed in this overcrowded space earn their stripes as true leaders within their field, getting ahead because the public genuinely want to engage with their content, or seek out their unique ‘brand experience’ specifically. As a company whose recent campaigns have garnered their fair share of footfall and online chatter from industry leaders and blogs alike, we feel we’re in a pretty good place to know what works and why.

Our event Evolving Realities: Brand Experiences in the Virtual World seeks to open the eyes and minds of agencies and brands hoping to catch a glimpse into the future of technology and, more importantly, how this technology – combined with great content – will help them capture the attention of their target demographics. Drawing on some of our own recent brand experiences (for Westfield, Topshop, Mr Porter, Gareth Pugh and John Lewis – to name a few) and also the infinite well of tech wisdom that is our in-house panel of experts, we’ll be displaying a range of emerging tech capable of not only competing with but winning the fight for consumer engagement within the communications space.

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