Dutch Tech Blog, Numrush, Discuss VR with INITION


24th September, 2015

At our Positive Disruption: 3D Printing Now event, we got a chance to chat with Dutch tech bloggers Jordy Stuivenberg and Marjolein Nap from tech news site, Numrush.

INITION Lead Creative, Alex Lambert, was on hand to discuss the important role tech, and in particular virtual reality, now plays in the development of truly exceptional marketing campaigns — from an added extra previously to a component integral to a campaign’s successful consumer engagement.

Filmed in our underground Demo Studio facility, Lambert also charted the recent developments within the virtual reality field such as improved interfaces and tracking ability, thus enhancing the overall experience of any immersive virtual reality environment.

Describing the ideal virtual reality experience as eventually being completely controller-free in order to maintain the ‘suspension of disbelief’ or ultimate feeling of presence, Lambert nonetheless calls the current and future developments in virtual reality ‘really exciting’.

Watch the video for yourself below: