CyberGlove III

The new CyberGlove Systems MoCap Glove caters to the needs of the motion capture and graphic animations industry. Featuring a new streamlined industrial design that allows for rigorous physical mobility, the MoCap Glove delivers the ultimate hand capture solution around.



• Number of sensors: 18 or 22
• Sensor resolution: <1 degree
• Sensor repeatability: 3 degrees (average standard deviation between wearings
• Sensor linearity: maximum 0.6% standard deviation nonlinearity over full joint range
• Sensor data rate: Up to 100 records/sec (SD card); up to 120 records/sec (USB and Wi-Fi)
• Operating system and hosts: Windows XP 32-bit and Vista (64-bit XP and Windows 7 coming soon)
• Wireless technology: 802.11g Wi-Fi
• Battery duration: 2 hours
• Battery charger: External
• Operating range: 100+ feet radius from Wi-Fi source (optimal environment)
• Interface: 802.11g Wi-Fi, USB, micro SD card

CyberTouch II

The CyberTouch II system is a tactile feedback option that features small vibrotactile sensors on the inside of the fingertips to provide a more realistic sensory experience than its predecessor.



• Vibro-tactile actuators: A total of 6; one on the inside of each finger, one on the palm
• Vibrational Frequency: 0-125 Hz
• Vibrational Amplitude: 1.2 N peak-to-peak at 125 Hz (max)
• Sensor Resolution: <1 degree
• Sensor Repeatability: 3 degrees (average standard deviation between wearings)
• Sensor Linearity: maximum 0.6% nonlinearity over full joint range
• Sensor Data Rate: 90 records/sec (typical)
• Interface Unit: 3.0 x 4.55 x 1.04 in (7.62 x 11.56 x 2.64 cm)
• Cable: Standard 25 ft (7.62m)
• Interface: RS-232 (115.2 kbaud max)


The CyberGrasp system is an innovative force feedback system for your fingers and hand. It lets you “reach into your computer” and grasp computer-generated or tele-manipulated objects.



• Force: 12 N per finger (max, continuous)
• Weight: 16 oz (exoskeleton without CyberGlove system)
• Workspace: 1 meter spherical radius from the Actuator Module
• CyberGlove: A CyberGlove device is required for a CyberGrasp system (22-sensor CyberGlove device     recommended)
• Instrumentation Unit: A Force Control Unit and Actuator Module are included
• Interface: Ethernet
• CyberForce robotic armature option recommended with the CyberGrasp system


The CyberForce system is a force feedback armature that not only conveys realistic grounded forces to the hand and arm but also provides six degrees of freedom positional tracking that accurately measures translation and rotation of the hand in three dimensions.



• Force Generation: 8.8 N max (6.6 N min)
• Armature Weight: 19 lbs (8.6 kg)*
• Workspace: 12 x 12 in (30.5 x 30.5 cm) swept through 133 degrees with radius of 20 in (51 cm).
• Position Resolution: 0.0024 in (0.06mm) max; 0.0029 in (0.073 mm) min***
• Orientation Resolution: 0.09 degrees
• Instrumentation unit: Force Control Unit (FCU) and power supply included
• Interface: Ethernet (10/100Mbps)

* Weight does not include CyberGrasp system.

**Position resolution and force generation specifications apply to the described workspace.Larger physical limits for the complete workspace are depicted on this diagram.

***Based on encoder resolution and as reported by software. Actual resolution is a function of armature compliance, loading, and friction.