PhaseSpace Optical Tracking System



The Impulse X2 motion capture system has some of the most sophisticated and advanced hardware available. All of this technology was designed to make motion capture easier and more reliable. PhaseSpace has taken the hard work away from the user and packed it into the hardware. The entire system consists of only a few robust, portable elements.


• Scalable from 2 to 48+ PhaseSpace Impulse X2 cameras
• Server machine with built-in hub and base station
• Cameras are daisy-chained and powered directly by the PhaseSpace HUB
• Active LED markers
• LED controllers
• Cables, mounts, etc.
• PhaseSpace Software Package
• API/SDK in C++ and Python
• Telephone, Email and Live Online Support included


• Lightweight linear detector based cameras (3600 x 3600 resolution at 960 Hz)
• Sub-pixel resolution to 36000 x 36000 at 960Hz
• 60 degrees camera field of view
• Active LED technology resulting in a unique ID for each marker
• Server machine with integrated HUB supports from 2 to 48+ Impulse X2 cameras
• Data streamed in real-time to multiple clients, even over a network or the Internet
• API/SDK provides support for third-party applications for real-time user interaction


The PhaseSpace IMPROV Motion Capture system is the most advanced motion capture solution available starting under $25,000. Built from the same technology as the PhaseSpace Impulse X2 system, the Improv is designed for applications with slimmer capture requirements. The Improv offers universities, clinicians, researchers and studios high performance motion capture at a significant cost savings.

What does this mean for you?

• Real-time tracking of an object or performer
• Marker swapping eliminated by Active LED markers
• Lowest cost active marker based motion capture solution
• Streamlined system operation with pre-configured settings- just calibrate and start capturing

Is the IMPROV the right solution for your application?

• Single-human subject, or need to track a maximum of 42 markers for research or animation
• 8 Cameras for small volumes 6 meter x 6 meter x 3 meter
• Tracking gait, posture and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) applications.
• Maximum tracking at 120Hz