Terrorvision: VR to chill the spine

This Halloween, INITION used its immersive reality expertise to create a ghoulish experience like no other.

Blending tech with creativity to produce a fun, scary Augmented Reality experience, passers-by of INITIONs Shoreditch office were in for a trick and a treat.

Turning their office window in to a giant ‘Terrorvision’ screen, INITION created a feature that sent shivers down the spine.

As people walked by, a motion sensor was triggered that set off a rear lit projector that created a large scene filling the window.

This initially appeared to show the Horse and Groom pub located opposite the office, but then in Augmented Reality the scene developed. Suddenly a ghost flew out of the pub window and swooped down towards the viewer before entering the INITION office.

The spooky experience which inserts Computer-generated imagery into the live video ‘CCTV’ feed was designed to give the public of Shoreditch a sudden fright as night fell throughout Halloween.