Case Study:

Animated Holographic Model for Shell Deep Water


The Brief

Shell required a visually engaging presentation tool telling the story of the company’s 100 years of innovation and development. It was to be used to show stakeholders during open house events around the globe.


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Our Solution

Due to its portability and attention grabbing holographic style visuals, we chose to develop a narrative for the Dreamoc 3D display. The Dreamoc cleverly creates the illusion of floating video using a series of mirrors, housed in an elegant pyramid shaped plinth.

Inition’s 3D artists created a bespoke animated mini-movie that takes the viewer through a historical journey of the company’s most groundbreaking deep sea discoveries and innovations.

The Results

The display was shown at Shell open house events around the world.

“We had a really great response, we wanted to tell a story that was out of the ordinary, eye-catching and got people’s attention.” Bronwyn Humm, Project Manager- Events & Exhibitions, Shell.