Case Study:

Sailing Crowd Game for London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea


The Brief

ICCI at Plymouth University invited Inition to create an immersive audience game to display as part of the Maritime Mix- London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea. Inition were asked to make the most of the ICCI360 Arena which features a 21m diameter geodesic dome and is situated on the Weymouth seafront.

Our Solution

Inition created a multi-player sailing game enabling direct audience participation in a race that would unfold on a truly immersive and panoramic scale.

Inition developed a bespoke sailing game-engine to render the scene and detailed terrain-mapping, generating a landscape modelled on Weymouth Bay. This scene was rendered across five full HD channels and featured real-time dynamic water. The five channels were projected on the 360° dome with seamless edge-blending.

The game allowed ten members of the public to race against each other using special rudders connected to the workstations running the sailing simulation. Audience members blew into microphones which were used to determine both the power and direction of the wind through which the boats had to sail. If the audience blew too hard, the boats would capsize!

The Results

The Cultural Olympiad attracted 26,000 visitors, making the arena a key focal point for creative and cultural activities in Weymouth throughout the Olympic and Paralympic periods.

The sailing game proved to be great fun and was enjoyed by hundreds of children and adults who visited the installation.

Martin Woolner, Director of ICCI, commented: “It has been great working collaboratively with Inition and to be able to create a multi-player 360° sailing game is a fantastic addition to our event.”

The dome