Hendricks Gin: A Multisensory VR Experience


To push the boundaries in drinks promotions, Hendrick’s Gin approached INITION to create a multisensory virtual reality experience that could tempt all the senses. The final production was a 7-minute experience that enticed the user’s senses of sight, smell and taste.

Key Facts

Who: Hendricks Gin
What: A Multisensory Virtual Reality Experience
Where: Exhibition at various festivals and events
Tech: Oculus Rift DK2

the experience

The virtual reality production is based around the idea of a bartender mixing and pouring a drink, but interpreted in a dream-like fashion. Scents of rose and cucumber, ingredients which are present in the drink, are released at certain points corresponding to scenes in the film. Sounds of a bartender fixing a drink are played and the finale concludes with the user being handed a shot of Hendrick’s gin.

The theme of the piece is tapping into feelings of surprise, confusion and mystery. A narrator guides your way through the experience, encouraging the user to tap into their own imagination and memories. The juxtaposition of more exaggerated and mellow themes show off the exaggeration and complexity of the production.

the production

The project visuals were heavily based on 2D imagery from silent films and 18th century etchings. To keep up with the drink’s quirky branding and aesthetics, INITION’s creative department used geometric shapes, colours and patterns. Sound design was especially used in the aim to alter the viewer’s perceptions. The production was INITION’s first pre-rendered VR project.