Live 3D Surgery Broadcast


Mattu, the internationally recognised centre of excellence for teaching innovative laparoscopic surgical techniques, initiated a live stereoscopic broadcast to a training facility which incorporated cutting-edge motion tracking technology to record the exact movements of the surgeon.

Inition provided consultancy and equipment for the scope of the project including projection equipment, motion capture devices and technical expertise. For the live stereo surgery Inition provided a 3D Panasonic camera (Panasonic AG-3DA1), Sony and JVC displays and an endoscopic camera which were integrated with the LG CF3D projector in the viewing room. The audio-visual presentation enabled the doctors to talk to the students throughout the surgery whilst they viewed the operation in 3D just as the doctors saw it.

Shannon Dowsing, Inition’s 3D display consultant commented: “In a fast growing market it is easy to forget the practical applications for 3D. It truly is a sign of how good the technology is now that we can incorporate so many components into a flawless solution for medical training.”


Alongside the audio visual broadcast, Inition also recommended Ascension’s trakSTAR system and PMA software to analyse how remote stereoscopic surgery improves upon 2D stereo surgery quantitatively. The trakSTAR system was used for the motion tracking, providing insight into the surgeon’s exact hand movements for future analysis.

Jeff Ferguson, Inition’s Motion Capture & Tracking expert commented: “We concluded that Ascension technology would be perfect for Mattu’s application because it is extremely easy to use and offers great quality capture time and again. Inition back Ascension’s 3D Guidance systems without hesitation where precise medical tracking is required.”