Case Study:

INITION Create Physical/Virtual Hybrid Presentation Tool for Thames Water


The Brief

Present the £4 billion 21st century Thames Tideway Tunnel in an accessible, engaging and interactive way. It would need to act as an educational device, designed to inspire and interest local people at community events and raise their awareness of the project.

Our Solution

Inition developed a cutting edge interactive 3D platform. A cross section of a typical riverside London street area was built, from above-ground to below the Thames river, along with the underground tunnel structure underneath. Finer above-ground details such as buildings, cars, lamps and Boris bikes were 3D printed by Inition, adding the final touch to the presentation.

The mixed media tool allows people to ‘Build the Thames Tideway Tunnel’ for themselves using an iPad augmented reality application to trigger various construction stages such as ‘driving a tunnel boring machine’, ‘building a CSO inception site’ and ‘landscaping the public areas’.

The Results

The platform was a central feature during the Mayor’s Thames Festival. Dozens of deployments are planned over a two year programme.

“The impressive 3D printed model gives a real sense of the scale of our project and some of the fantastic engineering details” Scott Young, Head of Education, Thames Tideway Tunnel

The model on display