We were approached by Halma to create virtual reality marketing films for 3 of their subsidiary companies to be launched at their biennial convention being held in Rome.

Halma are focused on creating a safer, cleaner and healthier future for people worldwide. Their innovative products and solutions address many of the key issues facing the world today, in sectors ranging from healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and space. Because they deal with quite complex issues, VR is a great medium for making their solutions easily understandable and accessible to everyone.

“The VR ‘pitch pods’ had an excellent impact and generated a lot of interest and traffic. Each of the companies has received direct comments and enquiries both about the content and the impact of VR itself,” said Tim Prestidge, Divisional Chief Executive, Halma.

To get across important brand messages for Fiberguide Industries, we took inspiration from the nature of optical fibers and created a stylised film that illustrates the applications of fiber and what makes Fiberguide unique in their field.

The 2nd was for Labsphere, who are advancing the technology of light by providing solutions for a wide range of applications in both production and research environments. VR allows people to experience their products in action, like the Laser Power Measurement System, which can be really hard to get across in other mediums, but come alive when experienced in VR.

The final VR piece was for Ocean Optics. We showcased the various fields and use cases that Ocean Optics’ spectrometers can be used in, from partnering with international scientists and seeing the impact that volcanic emissions have on climate change, to analysing light to see how it affects agricultural science.

We were able to get to the core of what our clients wanted to achieve, explaining the complexities of their life-saving technologies in a way that is engaging and memorable. The content offered a lot of challenges, but we love a good challenge, and both the client and INITION were really happy with what was achieved.