Case Study:

Fashion Utopias: The International Fashion Showcase 2016

The Project

‘Fashion Utopias: The International Fashion Showcase 2016’ was a collection of fashion installations featuring work from emerging designers from 24 countries around the world. Created by the British Council and British Fashion Council, the event was a key part of the London Fashion Week’s public programme at Somerset House.

INITION, working in coordination with Direct Drive TV, created a 360° virtual reality documentary around the International Fashion Showcase event, exploring innovation through diversity. The documentary filmed inside each specially curated fashion installation, interviewing the designers on their collections and exploring the culture that inspired them.

The project was set up to create an exciting immersive experience with virtual reality where viewers are transported inside a world of fashion and culture. In 360° INITION captured the colours and vibrancy of the fashion collections by designers from all 24 countries, exploring and documenting their individual cultures and inspirations.

The Response

“INITION and Direct Drive TV believe that current media outputs do not fully realise the true talent and magic of London as a home of innovative fashion. Think of pure talent re-imaged digitally through 360°. DDTV and INITION’s partnership aims to challenge many digital conventions for the fashion industry.” – Leroy Smith, Founder & CEO of Direct Drive TV

“INITION have developed several innovative 360 3D VR filming rigs to capture 4k stereoscopic surround video and binaural audio. This enables us to achieve the highest quality VR video production and enhances the viewer’s sense of immersion within the content.

We see huge potential for fashion in the virtual reality space, having previously worked on a successful fashion virtual reality project with TopShop, and can only see the fashion industry moving forwards with innovation on the catwalk and beyond.” – Stuart Cupit, Co-Founder & Producer at INITION.