Case Study:

Augmented Reality Organs for Lush’s Digital Dissection Dinner



We were briefed by design practise Something & Son to create an iPad-based augmented reality table centre piece for 12 tables at a sit down prize giving dinner for the Lush Prize, celebrating innovation in digital dissection. The piece will act as an ice breaker and conversation starter and provide guests with a memorable experience that links to the theme of the prize giving.  The AR app should provide an entertaining entry point experience to get guests talking about the content of the prize.  It should be as photorealistic, interactive and memorable. There should be subtle humour but not comedy. Graphically the app skin should be minimal in style and the interactions intuitive.

The installation would be:

Memorable, exciting, witty, well designed, realistic, immersive, attractive, clean, minimal, scientific, shareable. Something you can dip in and out of. You might try more than once.

and not:

Comical, complicated, gory, digital looking, cheesy, cute, cluttered, text heavy, boring or unrealistic. Must be more impressive than what scientists have in their labs!

Our Solution

Inition created an iPad app that displayed three easily dissectible models; a heart, lungs and a foot. Additional features in the app enabled automated dissection and labelled the various organ parts. iPads were on each dinner table and the placemats were used as markers.

The Results

Tweets such as “Amazing augmented reality from @inition at last nights Lush Prize” said @margotbowman @JosefValentino Tweeted: “Inspired by this awesome augmented reality work by #inition.” suggested the goal of creating something inspiring to support the cause was achieved.