Case Study:

3D Printing and Augmented Reality App Breathe Life into the Salt Dome for Paradigm


The Brief

Demonstrate how Paradigm’s subsurface software can see below the surface of a salt dome.

  • 3d printing and augmented reality project for paradign inition london

Our Solution

Inition 3D printed a model of a salt dome using data supplied by Paradigm SKUA modelling software.

An augmented reality iPad application was built that superimposed additional seismic and CAD data to illustrate the fault lines that intersect the ground which the wells avoid drilling through. It also featured pockets of ‘fuel’ that the wells drill into.

Delegates could look at the salt dome from different directions, as well as explore the structural model, plan well trajectories, analyse petrophysical and seismic data, study the geological features, to get a better understanding of the geology.

The Result

Huge interest during the event and was featured on the front cover of Digital Energy Journal.

Due to be presented at future events.

Talking to Digital Energy Journal, Mélanie Morin, Technical Sales Advisor – Geomodeling, with Paradigm said: “It shows how Paradigm solutions offer deeper insight into the subsurface, in a clear, visual manner that audiences can readily understand. The augmented reality experience literally places the geoscientist in the heart of the subsurface model.”