Case Study:

Augmented Reality Campaign for BMW


The Brief

BMW initiated an online augmented reality campaign to promote the launch of the BMW Z4. Inition were asked to with Dare to create a unique interactive online brand experience supporting the TV campaign in which a roadster is steered across a blank canvas with the tires providing paint trails and colourful ‘expressions of joy’.



Powered by Inition’s augmented reality technology, MagicSymbol, users create their own ‘expression of joy’ online. Users can test drive a virtual 3D Z4 and record their paint trails via the webcam and upload images and videos of their creations to YouTube and Facebook.


Inition’s / Dare’s BMW AR campaign was rated number 1 in a run-down of the best AR campaigns in Brand Republic. See the run-down for yourself here (we also got the number 6 slot for our Toyota IQ campaign).

Read Revolution magazine’s feature “Behind the scenes: BMW’s augmented reality campaign” here.