Case Study:

“Be Neanderthalised” 3D Scan Project for University of Kent


Quick Facts

  • Who: University of Kent
  • What: 3D scanning, data adaptation
  • Why: As part of University of Kent’s ‘Kent 50‘ celebrations
  • Tech: Artec Eva and the University’s own proprietary software


In collaboration with Matthew Skinner of University of Kent  as part of the Kent 50 celebrations, INITION participated in an open day which invited the public to visit the university and ‘Be Neanderthalised’.


Using one of our own Artec Eva 3D Scanners, members of the public were scanned by our 3D Technician Eugene, who then passed the scan data on to University of Kent representatives who ran the data through their own proprietary software for their likeness to be adapted to how they might have appeared in prehistoric times.

The software, designed to manipulate the existing facial structures and details in order to appear more like a Neanderthal, enabled visitors to gain insight into how their facial features may have differed had they been born thousands of years ago.

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Over the course of the day over 120 faces were scanned using the Artec Eva 3D scanner and its accompanying studio software. Each scan took approximately three minutes to complete before being passed on to Matt Skinner and his team from University of Kent to ‘Neanderthalise’.

To see the highlights of the day, watch our short video below: