Case Study:

Augmented Reality Stadium for Sacramento Kings


How do you sell the VIP benefits of a dual sports stadium and entertainment centre that hasn’t yet been built? There’s an app for that.


 Quick Facts:

  • Who: Geoffrey Doyle for Sacramento Kings Basketball team
  • What: Augmented reality stadium visualisation
  • Where: To be integrated into the stadium development’s marketing suite
  • When: Until the stadium’s completion in October, 2016
  • Tech: AR app / printed marker




Sacramento Kings consultant, Geoffrey Doyle, approached INITION to explore innovative ways for the team to communicate and engage with public and private stakeholders to showcase the as-yet-unbuilt $477 million development of the former Sacramento Downtown Plaza.

Given completion of the Entertainment and Sports Centre (ESC) is not due until October 2016, Sacramento Kings management wanted to highlight the centre’s world class VIP facilities before construction had begun.


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Working in partnership with project management firm ICON Venue Group and taking CAD data from architects AECOM, designers of the London 2012 Olympic Park, INITION produced a multi-sensory interactive augmented reality (AR) experience which could simultaneously convey the impressive magnitude of the stadium, whilst also highlighting several of its innovative design elements and ability to function as a multi-purpose entertainment and sporting venue.

Deriving a high level of detail from the architectural CAD data, the AR app enabled users to zoom in so far as to see the unique vantage points of individual seats within the stadium, along with the eco-friendly design of the centre’s structure. Audio was integrated into the app to further augment the experience, illustrating the capability of the venue to also function as an entertainment precinct for live music events and performances.


The AR experience is currently being deployed in the marketing suite with sales staff using the latest iPads to familiarise customers with the new layout of the stadium.


Stuart Cupit, Technical Director, Inition says of the app, “Everyone can intuitively view and explore a large virtual model of the stadium without the need for a physical model and with the added benefit of visually communicating the key features including: the surrounding redevelopment and landscaping of the area, cooling natural airflow through the structure, access from VIP parking to private suits, different seating layouts, ticketing zones, the massive bi-fold doors at the entrance to the stadium and more.”

“It was great working with such a forward-thinking, major league team like the Kings. They saw the opportunity to bring their new stadium to life two years before it was built and jumped at the chance to use our latest Augmented Reality and mobile technology. They’re truly ahead of the curve.” Geoffrey Doyle, GrowShapes


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