Case Study:

Avatar of CEO built for OgilvyOne Sales Pitch


The Brief

OgilvyOne, one of the UK’s leading digital and direct agencies approached Inition to help them put together a competitive pitch in order to win the British Aiways global digital account. Inition was asked to propose a high-tech method of including CEO Annette King in the pitch presentations, even though she was not to be physically there.

Our Solution

Inition built a solution around live motion-capture and a holographic display. This allowed Annette to be transported into the presentation allowing her to see, hear and interact with the people in the room via a pint-sized avatar of herself. The technologies used included a DreamOc Pepper’s Ghost display, an Animazoo suit and bespoke software and character built using a 3D scan of Annette’s face. Every movement of the real Annette was mirrored live in her remote Avatar. Annette was also able to speak and answer questions at the remote location.

The Results

Annette King, CEO of OgilvyOne said, “Inition has helped us deliver a creative technological pitch. The clients were bowled over by the presentation and stunned to see such unique use of technology especially in the advertising agency pitch setting. Not only did Inition make it easy and economical for us but they also showed how passionate they are about doing something innovative and challenging.”

OgilyOne used Inition and Annette’s avatar at several stages of the pitch, including on an iPhone app and went on to win the BA account.